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How to enhance your packaging and boost your brand with custom stickers

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Branded self adhesive labels on jars of honey
Don't get stuck choosing the right sticker stock!

If you're considering a sticker order, you'll likely already be a convert to their rather appealing qualities... puns aside, they offer an easy and affordable boost to your branding and product packaging with very little effort. Let our state of the art printers do the leg work as we offer Cambridge a quick sticker printing service with no need for large volume orders, even with our most luxe options - you'll be labelling up in no time!

The options for stickers and self adhesive labels can be vast but we're here to help guide you through the decision making. As always, our aim is to ensure you get the most from your order - call our store for further advice or drop us an enquiry. One of our Cambridge print team will be happy to help.

Ordering your stickers - a 3 step guide

We've given an overview below of the main considerations when printing stickers and self-adhesive labels. The possibilities for stickers can seem endless, so be sure to utilise the expertise of our print and design team to achieve the most eye catching results.

1. Material

Choosing the right sticker stock will depend on the end use and the visual effect you want to achieve. ​Texture, strength and shine will all be considerations when deciding between paper and plastic.

Benefits of plastic stickers:

  • Durable and hard-wearing

  • Tear-resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Flexible so can go on curved surfaces

One of our favourite plastic stocks is our clear option as it's perfect for showcasing visually tempting products - think a gloriously golden olive oil or a vividly coloured liquor. By keeping the labelling pared down, the qualities of the product are emphasised.

Beer bottle labelling using our clear plastic stock and white print.
Our colleague Josh mastering homebrew as well as label design!

Clear stickers can bring a subtle, yet sophisticated final touch to a product in the form of a seal - on the jar of a premium preserve, the closing of tissue paper on a finely wrapped order or the belly band of an exquisite wedding invite. A clear sticker works with the colour and texture of your packaging while maintaining your brand's colour palette in the printed design.

Benefits of paper stickers:

  • Easily recyclable

  • Premium textured stocks available

  • Affordable

Paper stickers are great as an affordable way to elevate your product's packaging and invest in your customer's unboxing or gifting experience. Printed packaging is not always an option for smaller companies or when you're just starting out - or heck, not necessary at all as stickers do such a great job of customising boxes. Self adhesive labels and stickers come with flexibility as, printed in lower volumes, you can work with multiple designs and surprise your customers with updated and/or seasonal packaging.

Premium textured self adhesive labels on coffee packaging.
Match the quality of your product with premium textured stickers.

2. Shape & Size

You may be surprised to hear that stickers no longer need to be either square or rectangle, well not with us anyway - they can be any shape imaginable! Using our cutting plotter we are able to offer custom shapes, even in low volumes. A custom shaped sticker sparks interest either as a label or printed giveaway - it's a chance to playfully engage with customers and build loyalty with your brand. By giving customers something to smile about, your brand is elevated beyond a basic transaction - it's time to get creative and showcase your personality!

Custom shape sticker and self adhesive printing.
Inject personality into your design with a custom shape.

3. Special Process Finishes

Josh went all out on his home-brew stickers as he not only went for clear labels he also created a custom shape and used our white toner to print his design (we're the only printer in Cambridge able to offer this). We are also able to print metallic toner and add a gloss varnish to your labels and stickers - these finishing touches will really make an impact on a shelf crowded with competing products. Metallic hot foil was also recently added to our premium options and brings the ultimate luxe finish to stickers; perfect for high-end boutique brands and event stationery.

If you're still feeling a little lost over your options for sticker and label printing, do get in touch - our Cambridge team will be happy to advise. Our print team are handily also trained in graphic design so should you need help setting up your sticker artwork they can either work with an existing design or create something bespoke. Unlike online printers, you can actually talk to the very same person who is going to print your order; they'll make sure that your file is set up correctly for print, including for custom shapes and special finishes. With Minuteman Cambridge, there's no need to get 'stuck' worrying about your order!

Call today on 01223 312 688 or email us at

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