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Meet the Machines behind Cambridge's One-Stop Print Shop

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Our in-house printed and designed window graphics
Installation of our window graphics - printed and designed in-store

Over the last 13+ years, we've continued to invest in the latest and best print technology, allowing us to offer a complete range of services. Since our move to a bigger premises in 2021, we've added a wide format division and enhanced the efficiency of our rapid digital print with the Xerox Versant. With industry-leading technology, and print processes unrivalled in Cambridge, along with our quick turnarounds and delivery options, going local couldn't be easier!

Our doors are open Mon-Fri for print consultations, design meetings, to view samples/proofs, or to simply collect your order. However, if you're interested in the machinery and processes we have in-store, we've detailed our main machines below.

We are always keen to discuss print technology to anyone who shows an interest, particularly when our knowledge can help you get the most out of our machines and your order. If, like some of us, you enjoy 'geeking out' over tech, please indulge in the details below!


If you need help setting a print file up for one of our specific machines or processes, please do get in touch - we'll be more than happy to help.


Xerox Versant 4100
Xerox Versant 4100: Best for fast, economic print

1. Rapid and economic digital print - Xerox Versant 4100

Our latest printer covers all digital printing requirements at speed - its' incredibly efficient capability does not compromise on quality, allowing for economic, high grade prints with a fast turnaround (normally unheard of within digital print).

Xerox Iridesse - industry leading production press
Enhanced digital print with the Xerox Iridesse

2. Industry leading production press - the Xerox Iridesse

By adding the Iridesse to our lineup of machines, we've been able to offer specialist finishes and the chance to print on coloured stock - the first, and only printer to have this digital print capability in Cambridge.

This press has the ability to enhance your designs, and bring a premium finish without having to resort to more costly, traditional methods, all with much longer lead times. Alongside digital metallics, white and clear toner, this machine is also a great production press offering fast, high quality, and great value printing in short runs or bulk volumes.

The Iridesse has brought with it immense design and print possibilities - all of which we're very happy to share and advise on in order to get the most out of this state-of-the-art machine.

Xerox Iridesse in detail:

Paper available: • 80gsm - 400gsm matte paper/card

• 170gsm - 400gsm silk paper/card

• 300gsm Conqueror premium range

• 400gsm GF Smith specialist range

• Stickers


• A6 / A5 / A4 / A3 or any custom size between: 1000mm x 320mm long sheet

Good for:

• Bulk production printing up to 10,000 copies • Specialist invitations (textured, up to 400gsm)

• Specialist finishes (Gold/silver/white/clear toner)

Epson Surecolor s80600 - large format signage printing
Graphics and signage printed for both indoor or outdoor use with the Epson Surecolor s80600

3. Large format signage printing - Epson Surecolor s80600

Our new industry leading solvent based printer can print up to a massive 1.5 metres in width, on a roll up to 30 metres. By printing on a range of media including vinyl banner material, waterproof polyester, paper and self adhesive we now have ability to make signage and graphics for almost any indoor or outdoor use.

Inkjet printing with the Epson P9000
Gallery quality photographic print with the Epson P9000

4. High quality wide format printing - Epson P9000

Large format posters and boards are printed on our wide format 10 colour photo printer. This machine gives exceptional results in rapid time. If you need a large custom size photograph, great quality art-print reproduction or fine detail academic print, this printer will give you the highest quality.

Epson P9000 in detail:

Paper available:

• 240gsm Archival Matte

• 260gsm Satin Photographic Paper

• 1.3mm Satin Mount Board

• 200gsm Enhanced Synthetic Polyester


• A3 / A2 / A1 / A0

• Banners 100cm wide, up to 20m length

Good for:

• Gallery quality inkjet art prints

• High resolution photo prints

• Display boards

Plan Printer - HP T3500
Value plans printed at speed with the HP T3500

5. Great value copies, site drawings, architect plans and drawings - HP T3500

Our plotter printer delivers economic plan printing at rapid speed. We can print print in either colour or greyscale and in sizes A2 - A0.

HP T3500 in detail:

Paper available:

• 90gsm matte copy paper

• 120gsm matte copy paper

• 160gsm matte copy paper


• A2 / A1 / A0

• Banners 84cm wide, up to 20m length

Good for:

• Architect plans with low ink coverage

• Large format scanning

• Technical drawings

• Sketches (line work)

Units 11+12 Orwell House,

Cowley Road,

Cambridge CB4 0WY

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