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Vehicle Graphics

From tradespeople, catering businesses to online retailers, vehicle graphics make your brand stand out on the road. Since joining Melbourn's premier sign-writers, Unlimited Logos, we've continued to build on our extensive portfolio of branded vehicles; our work is now seen on hundreds of vans, trucks and lorries up and down the UK.

We are able to design, print and install graphics for any single or fleet of vehicles, even boats and aeroplanes! Along with such a variety of applications, our service is wide-ranging too - from simple contour cut logos and graphics, to full or partial Vehicle Wraps. With expert advice from our team, you'll be able to best choose your coverage and design based on your budget and available space on your vehicle. 

Other options in our Vehicle Livery range include Magnetic Panels to add and remove graphics at your convenience, and High Visibility Markings for service vehicles. Whatever the requirements are for your Vehicle Graphics, we'll be able to take care of it. 

Vehicle Fleet Graphics

Vehicle Fleet Graphics

Take your branding to the next level by applying Vehicle Livery to your entire fleet! Our top-quality Vehicle Graphics services will transform your cars and trucks into effective marketing tools.


With our expert design team and high-quality vinyl graphics, you'll maintain a consistent look across vehicles and strengthen your band's visibility. Our Vinyl specialists have worked on the removal firm Move Wells' vehicles for many years and have achieved  a striking look across their fleet - with such recognisable branding, the company's service is promoted on every move. 


Having experience across such a range of vehicles, our expert team will be able to meet your specific requirements and get your brand moving - contact us today to get started! 

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnets

We also supply magnetic panels which are the perfect solution if your vehicle is on a short-term lease or you do not wish to have vinyls applied directly to the bodywork. They can be put on and removed at your convenience.

pink car with magnetic signs-01.jpg

Temporary Solutions

pink car with magnetic signs-02_edited_e

with Vehicle Magnets

High Visibility Markings

High Visibility Markings

Our materials are fully compliant with Chapter 8 law for your vehicles and we can provide rear vehicle chevron kits and tapes. The Law dictates that on high-speed roads (50 mph+), all vehicles stopping on the highway for purposes of works or inspections need to be equipped with high visibility markings. If you have a requirement for this, supplied and installed, or just kits supplied, please contact us. We can take care of the rest.

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