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Achieve a permium rustic look with our white ink on Kraft design. 

003. Floral hand drawn

  • If you're looking for a rustic look, Kraft card stock is ideal to use due to its textured feel and dark colouring. Our Kraft prints can be made that much more special by using our white ink - it's a perfect pairing!


    Using a different stock, in this case white, for parts of your stationery creates further interest. Our Conqueror White Laid is a beautiful addition to the suite as it aslo has a texture, but elevates with a permium feel.  


    As with all of our stationery templates, your finalised design can be carried across our product range from folded cards to outdoor  signage. 


    For more information and ideas, check out our Events page.

  • Our samples can be collected in-store (free of charge) - contact our team and they can set them aside for you.

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